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Ruian Jiahong Weiye Automotive Electrical Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of power supply main switch series products. Welcome customers to call and inquire, Jiahong is willing to work with you to create a brilliant cause.

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International auto parts and after-sales service exhibition, Johannesburg, South
2019/8/12 Our company is invited to attend the international auto parts and afte…
The Function of Starter Electromagnetic Switch

Electromagnetic switch, as its name impl…

The main switch of an automobile is to control the output of the battery, usuall

The main switch is to control the output…

Common troubleshooting methods of switching power supply

Common troubleshooting methods of switch…

The main switch of electromagnetic power supply is actually an electromagnetic s

Actually, the main switch of electromagn…

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Electromagnetic Power Supply Main Switch Applicable to Vehicle Type

The main switch of electromagnetic power…

Motor Suction Switch Active Motor does not turn

Common causes of failure to operate or i…

How to Buy Suction Switch

1: First determine the control line volt…

What is the working principle of the main switch of electromagnetic power supply

The two large joints are the positive po…

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