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How to distinguish between automobile startup relay

Date:2018/11/14 17:28:26 Click:1144
How to distinguish between automobile startup relay and electromagnetic main switch for a long time

Automotive startup relays differ from electromagnetic master switches, although they are all electromagnetic switches.

1. Volume difference: small starting relay and large electromagnetic switch

2. The difference in working time: starting relay works for a short time, only at the moment of starting the vehicle; electromagnetic power switch works for a long time, so long as the vehicle electrical equipment works, the electromagnetic main switch must work.

3. Through the current difference: the starting relay through the current is small, the electromagnetic main switch through the current is large.

4. The difference of using nature: starting relay is a small current to control large current, and it protects starting switch. Electromagnetic main switch is to control the turn-off of total power supply and to control switch.