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The Function of Starter Electromagnetic Switch

Date:2018/11/14 17:31:33 Click:3830
Electromagnetic switch, as its name implies, is a switch controlled by electromagnet, that is, the combination of electromagnet and switch. When the electromagnet coil is electrified, it generates electromagnetic attraction, and the movable iron core pushes or pulls the switch contacts to close, thus connecting the control circuit.

Different components play different roles, but they are ultimately designed to change the current circuit on-off situation.

For example, the function of the starter electromagnetic switch is: after the circuit is connected, the pulling coil pulls the movable iron core, drives the fork to pull the driving gear into the meshing position, and at the same time, the main circuit of the starter is connected to make the starter rotate. The function of the retaining coil is to keep the movable iron core in the joint position.