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Motor Suction Switch Active Motor does not turn

Date:2018/11/14 17:26:30 Click:3322
Common causes of failure to operate or inability to operate: insufficient battery charging; disconnection of connection between battery and starter motor, loosening of connection clip or serious oxidation of battery pole; serious ablation of electromagnetic switch guide or poor contact with two main connection poles; excessive brush wear, spring breakage or brush card in brush rack; brush and battery pole oxidation; There are oil stains or serious ablation of rectifiers; partial short circuit or break of windings; detachment of armature windings and commutator pieces; wear of bearings or copper sleeves leading to rotor chamber sweeping; incorrect installation of four brushes or excessive clearance of newly replaced axle sleeves.

Start the space-time turn

The contact of electromagnetic switch is too early, the engagement gear has not meshed, and the starting motor has rotated. (2) The setting of the fork is incorrect. The sliding column of the fork is installed in the movable bushing so that the motor gear can not rotate with the fork. (3) The gap between the core of the electromagnetic switch and the push rod of the connecting disc is too large. (4) The gear of the starter motor is badly worn and can not mesh with the flywheel gear ring. The one-way clutch skids and cannot drive the flywheel gear ring to rotate.

Undo start switch

The motor is still turning.

(1) The guide plate of the electromagnetic switch is fused with two connecting posts. (2) The return spring is broken. The adjustment of eccentric screw is incorrect.

Electromagnetic switches are usually switched on and on

The so-called electromagnetic switch often sucks and turns on. It means that after pressing the start switch, the iron core of the electromagnetic switch will be removed as soon as it is sucked up, and then it will be sucked up again immediately after it is taken off, so that the purpose of starting the engine can not be achieved. The common cause of this kind of fault is to keep the coil open.